We offer a broad range of logistic services – as your partner and external logistics service provider. Just talk to us and we will solve your logistic challenges in the following areas:

Our contract logistics department covers complex processes from procurement to storage and further on to delivery. With PackAngels we offer Fulfillment services for e-Commerce.and take care of all services that arise around an order in a web-shop. 

With our section Cargo & Customs we take care of your imports and exports worldwide, internationally and on all transportroutes.

Contract logistics

We not only store your goods, but also take care of all processes in the area of warehouse logistics.

Our range of services here goes far beyond that of classic contract logistics providers. We manage incoming and outgoing goods and jointly develop the processes in between: We organize repackaging, relabelling and, if required, material testing. Your employees do not have to use capacities for storage, testing and packing processes and can concentrate on their core activities. With ANCLA you have a competent partner at your side with over 15 years of experience in warehousing and logistics.

By the way: in our bonded warehouses, we can offer the entire range of services also for duty unpaid goods.


The requirements of our customers are constantly changing. By continuously expanding our range of services, we try to always have the right answer to your needs and are sometimes even one step ahead of them. As part of the classic warehousing business, we store, pack and ship your products and ensure that the goods reach the customer in the correct condition. This often involves unpacking and repacking, labeling and assembling new sales units. Assembly and fitting of components in small batches are also part of the job - for example, for well-known manufacturers of motorcycles. We take care of procurement, scheduling, quality control and "just in time" shipping to production.


Fulfillment Partner e-Commerce

The business idea ignites and the growth of the start-up is unstoppable. But the logistics are still run out of Mom's kitchen? The angels from PackAngels are there to help: with professional and individual logistic services, we provide you with an external logistics department. The Angels store, pick, pack, deliver and manage returns - giving entrepreneurs more time for the really important tasks: sales, marketing and product development. Focus on growth while the logistics are taken care of and run smoothly without worries.
From 1 m² storage space, goods can be stored in our warehouses. Through our interface, we can connect to any webshop within 48 hours - from then on all orders arrive directly with our Angels. They pack just as you want it: in branded boxes, with stickers, ribbons and greeting cards or coupons - as individual as your product or campaign. We check all the details and can also do portioning, repackaging or special gift wrapping. At all times you can see your stock levels, send out parcels and returns in real time - through your online log-in with just one click.
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Cargo & Customs

We don't forward - we manage your freight. We see ourselves as a service provider in the literal sense of the word, even beyond warehouse logistics. We are at your service for all aspects of freight management. And that makes us more than just a traditional freight forwarder. We use the carriers that match your product. By bundling volumes for all our customers, we can also better negotiate purchase prices. We work with parcel service providers, general cargo networks, and partial and full load carriers, as well as air and ocean freight forwarders. We always look for the right solution for you. The disposition of your inbound and outbound freight is our job. The same applies to shipment tracking and complaint processing.


Anyone who trades across the borders of the European Union cannot avoid customs clearance. As a customs agency in the Rhine-Main area, we support you in obtaining the necessary documents and completing all customs formalities.

In addition, we operate an open customs warehouse. This extends our range of warehousing to include goods that have not been cleared through customs. As an authorized consignee and consignor, we can store customs goods in all process steps.


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